Treffee group of companies
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The group of companies "Treff" - the market leader in customs, freight forwarding and logistics services to the North-West region. Transportation of goods. Own fleet of vehicles, warehousing, certification services, consulting on customs.

Treffee group of companies

Treffee group of companies

treffee management company

The “Treffee” management company performs the function of a coordinating centre which takes the most important decisions defining the lines of strategic development for “LPM-Broker”, “Treffee Logistics” and “Treffee Terminal” transport and logistics companies-members of the group.


LPM broker

On the stage of transaction processing we will assist in the due preparation of foreign trade contracts, transaction passports and optimisation of forwarding documents. Customs brokerage is the key activity of “LPM Broker”. Customs clearing of cargo is our business that we develop and perfect using all our skills and knowledge. That is why we can always offer our clients the most comfortable conditions of work and guarantee strict fulfilment of the obligations we undertake.


treffee logistics

A modern logistics company must work in accordance with the requirements of cargo owners — our clients. Following this principle “Treffee Logistics”, a member of the “Treffee” group of companies, believes that the main objective of its work is to provide all kinds of services in the field of logistics and cargo transportation. Offering cargo delivery service we work out a chain where cargo, information and cash flows are coordinated. Providing strict control of their movement “Treffee Logistics” always reaches its aim — fulfillments of its obligations regarding all main requirements of a cargo owner to the work of a transport company — time, quality and cost of cargo delivery.


treffee terminal

The main specialisation of  “Treffee Terminal”, a member of the “Treffee”  group of companies, is forwarding and organisation of transfer for refrigerator and perishable cargo consignments. Organisation of this kind of work which we offer our clients includes several stages. One of them is in-port forwarding of such cargos arriving at the Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg. Considerable experience of “Treffee Terminal” in handling refrigerator cargo consignments as well as production facilities at company’s disposal allow us to provide complete service at every stage of delivery of this kind of cargo — from in-port forwarding to transfer of cargo to the client’s storehouse.