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The group of companies "Treff" - the market leader in customs, freight forwarding and logistics services to the North-West region. Transportation of goods. Own fleet of vehicles, warehousing, certification services, consulting on customs.



The complex of logistics and customs services offered by the “Treffee” group of companies is based on the following key points defining the capabilities of our business.


Well-defined strategy

To provide expeditious and effective delivery of any cargo independent of its difficulty, measurements and physical characteristics.

Rout planning, organisation of delivery up to the details of the whole process, strict coordination of all transportation participants actions, management of financial and information flows — these are the factors important for realisation of the effective logistic chain.


Work experience, reputation in the market

We work in the extremely competitive market side by side with lots of effective companies.  For the period of the company’s activity we have acquired a number of capabilities making us special in this market: more than 10-year experience of transportation of  refrigerator and perishable cargoes consignments made the “Treffee” group of companies one of the most important players in the market of this nomenclature cargo transportation.

Long-term partnership with stevedoring companies of the Sea Port of Saint Petersburg and with shipping agency companies guarantees reliability and operational efficiency of our transportation.

For the period of the company’s activity in the market of customs clearing we have acquired the reputation of a reliable partner always fulfilling its obligations with the leadership and officers of the North-Westerns Customs Department.

This fact allows us to guarantee high quality of our work connected with customs clearing of cargoes at the Baltic and St.Petersburg Customs.

Qualification of our personnel

Personnel of the “Treffee” group of companies are the people who obtained advanced professional training, with profound experience and unique knowledge in the field of customs clearing and organisation of cargo transportation. They are high-class professionals who can be and must be trusted.

The “Treffee”  group of companies today is a well-balanced internal structure where  operational staff carrying out the whole amount of  cargo transportation work is supported by a highly professional group of analysts and consultants, and also by a well-organised information network.


Production facilities

Other guarantors of our services quality are:

  • Company’s own car park, completed with new Scania trucks with container and refrigerator trailers, giving us the opportunities to organise a strictly scheduled handling of  shipload and container consignments.
  • Company’s own storehouse complex of Myaglovo where at the refrigerator storehouses we carry out the whole complex of storage operations with perishable cargoes.
  • Company’s own coordination stations at the terminals of the First Container Terminal and  Petrolesport provide the necessary promptness of operational decision-making concerning customs clearing, forwarding  and clearance of the port as well as  regular supply of vehicles.

These capabilities define the positions we have gained in the market of customs and logistics services and give us the right to say that transport logistics and management of the  delivery chains is what we can do perfectly and what we always succeed in.