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The group of companies "Treff" - the market leader in customs, freight forwarding and logistics services to the North-West region. Transportation of goods. Own fleet of vehicles, warehousing, certification services, consulting on customs.



Our history is a complex of events which determined the present structure of the “Treffee” group of companies, specified the privileged lines of our work. Stable and successful development of our business allowed us to consolidate our positions in the market by creating our own productive facilities. The stages of their putting into action are also an integral part of our history.

  • 1997 — founding of “Treffee” transport and forwarding company, working at the terminals of the Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg and in the ports of the Leningrad region.
  • January 2001 — beginning of the foundation of the “Treffee” group of companies — accession of  “LPM-Broker” (licensed customs broker).
  • June 2001 — diversification of company’s activity and extension of its personnel made it necessary to open a supplementary office in the “Tziolkovsky” business centre.
  • November 2001 — “Treffee Logistics” and “Treffee Terminal”, created to tackle transport and logistics tasks in the field of container cargoes transportation and handling of refrigerated cargoes consignments, joined the “Treffee” group of companies
  • November 2003 — opening of the first safe custody storehouses for refrigerator cargoes on the basis of the company’s own storehouse complex of Myaglovo.
  • April 2005 — establishment of the customs clearing department in Saint-Petersburg Customs area of operation.
  • February 2007 — acquisition of the first trucks, beginning of the company’s own vehicle park organisation.
  • May 2008 — construction of the new Class “A” office centre in the “Stels” business centre, passage there in June 2008.

Immediate Prospects

  • 2010 — construction of the company’s own trucks  service centre. At present the negotiations with  Scania  about mutual cooperation in this direction are under way.

Social Responsibility

For us business means not only commercial success but also opportunity to support some charity programmes. The principle of social responsibility is an integral part of the company’s management and decision-making system. With the “Treffee” group of companies it is a tradition to pay special attention to taking part in socially important charity projects. Our company has also established long-term partnership with state bodies, charity and educational organisations.

  • Non-governmental charity organisation “Pelican Centre”
  • Saint-Petersburg charity organisation “Green World of Childhood”
  • Russian national sport society “Dynamo”
  • Regional   non-governmental charity movement “Big Dipper”
  • Directorate for Combating Organised Crime for Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region

Providing financial and organisational assistance in holding cultural and sport activities, supporting socially important programmes we clearly understand the importance of this work which is in line with our long-term economic plans.