Treffee group of companies
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The group of companies "Treff" - the market leader in customs, freight forwarding and logistics services to the North-West region. Transportation of goods. Own fleet of vehicles, warehousing, certification services, consulting on customs.



We operate swiftly and flexibly

Our main advantage is that in the field of transportation logistics we have created an optimal business structure which quickly responds to the changes of the situation, quickly makes the decision and quickly carries it out. We are ready to negotiate and always find the golden mean which is mutually beneficial for our partner and us.


We do not conclude contracts which we will not be able to execute

Many of transport companies by all means try to conclude a contract with an interesting client making all possible concessions and forgetting that they will have to execute the contract. Contracts concluded in this manner are usually non-durable because any cooperation must be mutually beneficial. For us a contract is a law. If we sign a contract, we execute it.


We work round the clock

Our operational staff works in the same mode as the port does, that is round the clock. One of our principles is the following — we do not leave the office until our deliveries are fully provided with transport.


We offer reasonable prices

Our pricing policy is well thought-out and reflects the real “price and quality”  correlation. We cannot say that our services are cheap. But believe us, the working practice shows that a miser pays twice. Reliability and stability cost.


We are well known in the market

The rule saying that for the first five years you work for the reputation, and then your reputation works for you is true. Positive image of our company in the market of transport and customs services created in more than ten years of our work now pays good dividends. The reputation of our company often allows us to meet serious challenges in transport logistics with minimum costs.


Company’s own transport

Transport logistics must be well controlled by its operator. Company’s own car park allows us not only to control the prices for transportation but also to operatively administrate the cargo flow. Having taken responsibility for transportation of your cargo we really bear responsibility for the time of delivery and safety of cargo.


Company’s own storehouse

Another key element in the chain of the logistics services offered by our company. It gives us an opportunity to offer the realisation of optimal delivery schemes for perishable cargoes, first of all including  fresh fruit and vegetables — the cargo taking the priority position in our turnover.